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Ewing Oil Company (Juxaktie). Ewing Oil Company (Juxaktie) historische Wertpapiere - alte Aktien. Ewing Oil Company (Juxaktie). afppp.be: 9,90 EUR. Ewing Oil, Dallas. Gefällt Mal · 1 Personen sprechen darüber · 11 waren hier. Fuels and Lubricants. Ewiing Oil company owned by JR Ewing. Ewing Oil Dallas. Ewing Oil and Petro Group Dallas. JR Enterprises. JR Enterprises in Dallas. Wentworth Tool and Dye. Bild: Ewing Oil Co. Ort: Texas. Besonder-heiten: Poträt-Vignetten der Ewing-​Familie, Abbildungen von Bohrtürmen, Pferden mit Wappen. Branchen: Jux - for fun. EWING OIL | 33 Follower auf LinkedIn | EWING OIL is an oil & energy company based out of Robinwood Dr, Hagerstown, MD, United States.

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The fall of Ewing Oil It started primarily as a small heating oil company, with some commercial fuel sales. Jock Ewing Paysafecard Euro Ewing Oil in and ran it untilwhen he retired as President. This put a great strain on the Wink Bingo Promo Code finances as the price of Oil dropped and JR was stuck with a load of Oil he could get rid of. John 5 Reel Slots Bonus Free "Jock" Ewing Sr. Among the suspects were the various Cartel members whom J. Sue Ellen Shepard. Digger never forgave Jock, the Ewing-Barnes feud was born, and Jason disappeared. April Stevens. Bobbys route was to drill in frozen ground in Canada using the Tundra Torque drill bit.

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Angaben ohne Gewähr. Übersetzungs Option: Übersetzungs Option:. Mary lacht kokett. Käufer haben sich auch folgende Artikel angesehen. HERE IS AN 11" X 7" "EWING OIL COMPANY" CERTIFICATE OF STOCK, SIGNED BY STEVE KANALY. IT IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. CERTIFICATE IS. Lot of 2 items: 1) Ewing Oil Company, brown Share Certificate for Shares, , faksimile signature of "J.R. Ewing" and "Jack Ewing" 2) Ewing Oil Company​. 2) Ewing Oil Company, green Share Certificate for Shares, , faksimile signature of "J.R. Ewing" and "Jack Ewing" Please note: These share certificates​. Renaissance Tower, Dallas Picture: Typischer Blickwinkel der DALLAS Aussenshoots auf "Ewing Oil" - Check out Tripadvisor members' candid photos. Dallas J.R. Ewing Oil Tycoon Inch Action Figure [Toy] by Figures Toy Company bei afppp.be | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für.

One night in the spring of , J. Among the suspects were the various Cartel members whom J. While J.

Bobby moved very fast and was eager to prove he was smarter and better than J. Bobby made several business decisions including changing banks and selling Ewing assets to buy a refinery, all while not consulting Jock or J.

Jock and J. Bobby committed Ewing Oil to a deal with the Cartel, the first business Ewing Oil had done with them since the Asian deal and it was important for the relationship to continue.

Bobby eventually pulled the deal off via a loan but had a terrible fight with Jock and decided to quit Ewing Oil, and later became a state senator.

Jock reinstated J. This put a great strain on the Ewing finances as the price of oil dropped and J.

In , Jock was killed in a helicopter crash in South America. Just prior to this, as an interim measure in his absence, Jock gave his family the power to control the company with voting shares which were divided as follows:.

When J. Furious at J. However, when Ellie later learned that J. Some months later, Jock Ewing's will was finally read which stated that Ewing Oil would be split between J.

Bobby's route was to drill in frozen ground in Canada using a new, experimental Tundra Torque drill bit.

The battle for Ewing Oil tore the family apart. Bobby and Pam divorced; and Cliff and Pamela's mother, Rebecca Wentworth, died in a plane crash in an attempt to stop J.

In the fall of , J. When it initially appeared that J. Bobby kept his word and allowed J. Ownership of Ewing Oil was now as follows:.

In , Bobby was shot at the office by Katherine Wentworth, Pam's sister who was in love with him. During his recovery, Donna Krebbs stepped into his place, much to the annoyance of J.

Jamie Ewing, Jock's niece, turned up at Southfork Ranch from Alaska , where she had been working in the oil business.

Jamie married Cliff Barnes and they sided to take the Ewings to court for their rightful shares in Ewing Oil.

The case went to court and the Ewings had a fight on their hands to keep control. Jamie's brother, Jack, came to Dallas and went to J.

He had witnessed the dissolving of the partnership and revealed that the document was with Jock's first wife, Amanda Ewing. The family met with Amanda, retrieved the document and won the battle for control.

The company was now owned as follows:. By , the price of oil dropped dramatically, the Middle East flooded the market with their oil, sending the price of crude oil down to an all-time low.

It was beneficial for WestStar, but disastrous for independents like Ewing Oil. A Ewing employee named Scotfield lost his job and, in his anger, he blew up a well, was later arrested and committed suicide.

Mrs Scotfield, his widow, wanted revenge and told Bobby that "one day a big fish like Ewing Oil is gonna get eaten up and swallowed whole by a even bigger fish".

As April agreed to sell her share back to J. The same year, J. Calhoun whom he paid to go to the Middle East and start trouble by blowing up oil wells.

Calhoun blamed J. He kidnapped John Ross and threatened to kill him, but Ray shot Calhoun in time. The CIA decided on a cover up to keep their involvement secret.

He stumbled upon information revealing J. Scotfield then gave the story to a small town paper which printed it and opened the biggest can of worms J.

He made Mrs. Scotfield a rich woman, for which she gave him the evidence he needed to destroy Ewing Oil. In , Bobby obtained the right to use the Ewing Oil name again.

At the same time, J. He and Bobby agreed to merge their holdings, effectively resurrecting Ewing Oil. After his new wife April died in , Bobby decided to leave Ewing Oil, as he blamed the oil business for her death.

Later J. At the end of the original series in , Cliff Barnes had become sole owner of Ewing Oil. In the TV movie Dallas: J.

In the revived Dallas series , which ignores the two s Dallas TV movies , Ewing Oil has ceased to exist after being absorbed into Barnes Global, a multinational conglomerate owned by Cliff Barnes.

Ewing Energies is a fictional company in the revived Dallas series. John Ross continues the Ewing tradition in the oil industry while Christopher works on new gas hyndrates technology.

Because of John Ross and Elena's works on new oil drilling technology, the oil pulled from wells would be used to bankroll a new gas hydrates technology developed by Christopher and Elena's collaboration.

Vicente's part of the deal was to provide video tape evidence that would clear John Ross. It is discovered in the season finale that before his arrest for his hand in the fraudulent Southfork sale, Vicente was about to sell off his South American rights to Cliff Barnes.

In Season 2, Ewing Energies has been opened. Sue Ellen had recently given Elena a loan for drilling, but she buckled down on Elena before she could start pumping.

Elena teamed up with her brother Drew and drilled the land he bought from Bobby. The two called their company Ramos Oil.

Ewing Global is a fictional company on the updated version of Dallas. Cliff had built an international conglomerate, Barnes Global, which owned more than subsidiaries in over 50 countries.

After the death of J. Cliff's plan was to sabotage Christopher's technology demonstration on the gas rig, causing the state to levy a billion dollar fine against Ewing Energies.

Meanwhile, Governor McConaughy was to seize the Ewings' oil wells via eminent domain, making it impossible to pay the fine.

Cliff bought the debt and knowing the Ewings didn't have the money to pay the fine, took control of Ewing Energies. This is how Barnes Global and Ewing Energies "merged".

The Ewings prevailed thanks to J. Sue Ellen got the first report of the gas rig explosion that proved the rig was sabotaged and the governor intentionally hid the report.

She blackmailed the governor into ending the eminent domain on the Ewings' oil wells. Emma stole evidence from her father's safe that linked him to working with a Mexican drug cartel and cocaine trafficking.

Cliff was framed for the murder of J. Ewing and was imprisoned in a Mexican jail but he did manage to contact Elena Ramos and revealed that years ago her father had bought some oil-rich land but that J.

Cliff gave Elena his power of attorney over his third of the company, and told her to exact revenge on the Ewings.

Elena sought help from Joaquin, a close friend who she grew up with in Mexico. He became a billionaire not long after. He showed up in Dallas in the season premiere and stopped the Ewings from selling their consumers division to help pay for the arctic leases.

However, Pamela made a deal to buy it back without anyone else, only to learn that Bobby and Sue Ellen had secured the shares of the company from Carlos Del Sol, cutting both her and John Ross out of the company Ewing Global Shares.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ewing Oil was born. R Ewing. Jock said he was going to train him to be a "mans man", this included Jock taking his son from the age of 5 into the offices of Ewing Oil, to teach him the family business.

JR Ewing became the president. R resented his presence and wanted him out of the way. Things came to a head at the end of , Bobby resigned from Ewing Oil and started up Ewing Construction.

In October Cliff halted all the new drilling sites of Ewing Oil and began shutting down the fields. JR quickly had to find a new source of income.

The wells came in and was one on the biggest oil strikes in the world. JR had word that problems were escalating in Asia so he decided to sell shares in the Asian leases.

The next day there was a political revolt in Asia and the wells were nationalized. The investors lost everything, sending them all near to bankruptcy.

Seth Stone could not bear to tell his wife Marilee that he had near bankrupted her fathers company, in his distress Seth killed himself.

Jock believed that JR knew the wells were going to be nationalized , and that the Cartel had been double crossed, so he fired JR from Ewing Oil and made Bobby president.

Bobby committed Ewing Oil to a deal with the Cartel. It was the first business Ewing had done with them since the Asian deal and was important for the relationship to continue.

Bobby eventually pulled the deal off via a loan but had a terrible row with Jock and decided to quit Ewing Oil. Jock reinstated JR as president.

But the best thing for the image of Ewing Oil was the toppling of the Asian government. The oil wells were returned to their Texas owners, making Ewing Oil and the Cartel a small fortune.

This put a great strain on the Ewing finances as the price of Oil dropped and JR was stuck with a load of Oil he could get rid of.

She persuaded the family to vote with her to have JR fired as President and Bobby reinstated. The will stated that Ewing Oil be split between Bobby and JR and each would run his half as a separate company for one Year.

The rest would go to Miss Ellie, Ray and Gary. Bobbys route was to drill in frozen ground in Canada using the Tundra Torque drill bit. It tour the family apart.

In the fall of JR and Bobby decided to call the battle off. They agreed a share and signed to this effect. Just after this signing it was revealed that Bobby Ewing would have won the war as his wells in Canada came in.

Ownership of Ewing Oil was now as follows:. But anything that made JR uncomfortable, made Donna very happy. Jason was now dead and Jamie had a document which apparently proved that Ewing Oil was in fact owned by Jock, Digger and Jason.

Jamie married Cliff and they sided to take the Ewings to court for their shares in Ewing Oil. But then a stranger came to town in the shape of Jack Ewing, Jason's son and Jamie's brother.

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